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audit + strategy

Learn the secrets to Instagram success

We offer a one-time, in-depth audit of your analytics to provide you a step-by-step social plan.

what's included


+ Analytics

See a detailed breakdown of your analytics for the past two years.


Audience Stats

Get to know your audience. Learn their location, time zone, behavior, and your best time to post.


Content Ideas
+ Hashtags

We will identify suggested content pillars and compile a list of content ideas.



Access our unique engagement strategies to help your account grow.



New to reels or stories? We include simple tutorials for you to master every content type.

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How it works:

  1. Schedule a discovery call.

  2. Pay a one-time setup fee of $799.

  3. Teach us about your brand through a questionnaire.

  4. Dive deeper on a video call.

  5. Grant us account access to begin the audit.

  6. Receive a comprehensive step-by-step strategy to meet your social media goals.

  7. Want additional guidance? We offer virtual coaching for individuals or teams.

Dusty Ledbetter

DIgital Outreach Manager, 

Cho Yeh Camp & Conference Center.

My name is Dusty, I'm the DIgital Outreach Manager for Cho Yeh Camp + Conference Center. When we came to Daniela we didn’t really have a strategy, we were posting every day but it was mainly photo heavy, we weren't utilizing reels - no real plan in place. Our biggest problem was that our following was not engaged and so our goal was to not just grow in the reach or number of followers but in the actual quality of the community that we were building. I met Daniela through business contacts and seeing her work on their brands and through those relationships got to know her a little bit, the knowledge that she has, the craftiness, the creativity that she brings to the table is really what drew us to working with her. So we’ve worked with Daniela for the past year now and in the beginning, the difference in our account was night and day. Every 30 day we would be seeing account engagement increase by four and 500%. We've shifted to more of a longer term stratefy and continue to see our following grow by 10% every quarter and our engagement is also rising 90-150% every 90-days. Which for us has really helped us capture that goal of creating not just a massive following, but a really engaged following so that we can continue to have quality growth. Really the only thing that I can say to somebody who is looking for someone to help them manage their social media is that Daniela has been an absolute MVP for us and our team. She has drastically changed how we think about creating and posting content to our social media and how we engage our following. You definitely won't regret it.

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