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Pick and choose from our à la carte menu of add-on services. These can be added to any of our main services.


Community Management

Overwhelmed with too many comments and direct messages? Congratulations! That is a great problem to have and we're happy to help. Let our dedicated team provide thoughtful and timely responses, and watch your engagement rate skyrocket with happy leads.

Schedule a consultation to get a custom quote.



Whether it is you or your friendly employees, your community wants to feel like they know the faces behind the brand. One of the best ways to achieve this is to consistently post behind-the-scenes snippets of your workday on Instagram stories. We offer on-location video shoots to capture a month's worth of stories for you. Just have a few outfit changes ready to go and we'll handle the rest! 

Shoots start at $100/hour.



 Reels are Instagram's version of TikTok and currently the best way to climb up the algorithm. Don't miss your opportunity to jump on this trend! We offer both on-location shoots and in-house shoots. We've got all of the equipment and editing know-how. Book a consultation and we'll take care of the rest.

ps. We make stop-motion videos in-house, they make PERFECT reels!






Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app


According to Head of Instagram, Adam Mosser, the Facebook-owned platform is no longer just a photo-sharing app.

Mosseri posted a video on his Instagram and Twitter accounts where he explained how Instagram is looking to lean into entertainment and video after witnessing the success of TikTok and YouTube. 

What this means for your business accounts

Instagram is beginning to make changes to its platform and algorithm to favor video content over static photos. You will still be able to post photos, but now video content will be prioritized in the algorithm. This means that video content will be shown to more accounts than static photos, increasing your chance of engagement and attracting new followers.

What kind of video content will be prioritized?
Since their release in August 2020, Reels have been the top priority within Instagram's algorithm. Our client @cardiobarre averaged 400 views per IGTV video, yet their first reel got over 11,000 views in one weekend! Second to Stories, Reels are the number one way to grow your account in 2021 and therefore are the most worthwhile investment for your growth strategy. We offer done-for-you Reels, contact us to see what we can do for you! 

Why you should still post high-quality photos

Photos will always be the backbone of Instagram, however,  your photos need to make a quick first impression. Reels are highly captivating and quick to engage viewers. In order to keep your audience's attention, your photos need to do the same. Make sure every single photo you post is of the highest quality to visually attract your audience with your brand's signature aesthetic. It is better to miss a day of posting instead of posting low-quality photos and risking your audience unfollowing you. We offer custom photography packages specifically designed for your brand to stand out among your competitors.

Instagram Changes
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